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Forth Ports recognises the importance of operating in a responsible manner within the generally accepted principles of sustainable development.  The land and estuaries that we manage are valuable natural assets socially, economically and environmentally.  Being a responsible company, we continue to review our operations to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment and operate efficiently.  In doing so, we assist the UK and Scottish Governments in their ambitious targets to reduce emissions and work towards limiting human induced climate change, while at the same time being a modern and essential part of the global supply chain.

We manage environmental risks and our performance through our environmental management systems.  A significant proportion of our business retains the ISO14001 environmental management standard, including the Port of Tilbury, London Container Terminal and the Marine Division (including Forth and Tay Navigation Service, Pilotage and Forth Estuary Towage).

Our approach to minimising our impact on climate change has been to focus on improving the energy efficiency of our activities and identifying and progressing opportunities for the generation of renewable energy on our estates.  Each business across the Group is also working on projects to improve energy efficiency of their operations.  To this end we have attained the ISO50001 Energy Management Standard.

All of our locations are in close proximity to sites designated as important for conservation; our activities generally pre-date the designation of these sites and continue to comfortably co-exist with the species that rely on these adjacent habitats.

Our statutory duties include the preparation and upgrading of oil spill and emergency plans for our ports and harbour authority waters, and the maintenance of safe navigation to and from the facilities within our jurisdiction.  There is a drive across the Group to reduce the volume of waste to landfill.  In 2017 we completed our first GRESB assessment, we were exceptionally proud to achieve ‘sector leader’ in this, our inaugural assessment.

As part of our approach to responsible business, we are actively involved in industry bodies and committees, including the UK Major Ports Group and British Ports Association, in particular their joint Environment and Sustainability Group and the Scottish Ports Environment Group.


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