Forth Ports Weather & Tides

Forth Ports is the harbour authority for the Forth estuary and through its subsidiaries at Port of Dundee Limited and Port of Tilbury (London) Limited it is the harbour authority for the Tay estuary and the Port of Tilbury.  Forth Ports and its subsidiaries are the competent harbour authorities for the Forth and Tay estuaries under the Pilotage Act.

In Scotland, Forth Ports manages and operates an area of 280 square miles of navigable waters within and around the Firths of Forth and Tay.  This includes two specialised marine terminals for oil and gas export. We deliver high levels of professionalism in ship handling, pilotage, navigation, conservancy and towage.

In the UK capital, the Port of Tilbury’s position on the Thames provides a major geographical advantage for transportation to and from both London and the South-East.  The port is London’s major gateway, handling significant levels of diverse cargo including paper, containers, grain, and more via its broad range of bulk handling facilities; all of which are handled both in dock and on river facilities.