Construction Hub

London Construction Link (LCL) is a construction consolidation solution aimed at removing HGV movements from the Capital’s congested roads, providing consolidation for onward distribution to London by water, rail and road. Tilbury is home to a number of manufacturing and processing facilities providing raw materials to the construction sector.

Furthermore, Tilbury’s location makes it an excellent distribution hub for Greater London; 6 miles from the M25, supporting seaport and river access, just 22 nautical miles from Tower Bridge, with dedicated barge facilities and three rail freight facilities, create a well-positioned hub for a diverse range of construction-related materials to be combined.

LCL builds upon Tilbury’s pedigree as the logistics and distribution hub for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and central role in transporting London’s waste by river. Continuing on from this legacy, we provide handling and storage solutions to a number of large construction projects and major infrastructure projects including Crossrail and Tideway.

Providing logistics solution to the construction sector is still very much part of our DNA today, with our new port development, Tilbury2. Here, a new Construction Material Aggregate Terminal (CMAT) is being developed which will include an aggregate processing and manufacturing facilities, asphalt and ready mix concrete plant and is supported by a deep water jetty which has the capacity for vessels up to 100,000 metric tonnes. This combined will make this facility the UK’s largest construction materials aggregates terminal.

In Scotland, Forth Ports Grangemouth, Dundee, Leith and Rosyth are all well equipped to support the construction industry. Forth Ports Rosyth has extensive experience working with key infrastructure projects as the port was used as the marine and construction hub for the new Queensferry crossing. Forth Ports Rosyth handled all elements of the logistics, including heavy lift bridge sections imported from China to providing facilities for offsite fabrication. It was a major 6-year project, which has been hailed for its smooth execution. The new bridge has been successfully completed and is now a fundamental part of Scotland’s infrastructure.
Forth Ports Dundee provides a variety of services to our construction customers. This has included significant investment in a new cement terminal, to support the growth of the construction industry both in Dundee and the surrounding area, and timber import.

Forth Ports Leith is ideally situated to support construction projects in and around Edinburgh. Companies can take advantage of Leith’s extensive laydown areas, while the proximity to Edinburgh city centre allows customers to provide just-in-time solutions for construction projects in the capital. Whether you need to import, store, distribute or process construction products, we can provide a solution for you at Leith.

Ports with Construction Hub Services: